Comprehensive Physical Exams in Charleston

Scheduling a physical is preventive action that ensures you stay healthy in the long term. At East Cooper Physicians, we offer comprehensive physical exams in Charleston for patients of all ages. Whether you need an exam to participate in a school sport or you require blood work, rest assured that our highly skilled and caring providers offer the complete care you seek.

Physical Exam

The Importance of an Annual Physical Assessment

Everyone wants to live a long, healthy life. The easiest way to ensure this happens is to take measures to prevent health problems and schedule an annual physical assessment each year. A physical exam is an essential part of preventive medicine for individuals of all ages. These exams are used to:

  • Update Vaccinations
  • Screen for Diseases & Illnesses
  • Assess Your Risk of Future Medical Problems
  • Maintain a Positive Provider-Patient Relationship in the Event of an Illness

Is It Time for a Men’s Health Exam?

A wellness checkup is just as important for men as it is for women. During a male physical, your doctor will assess your overall health, identify any problems (if applicable), and provide you with steps for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A men's health exam is also vital to help you maintain a positive provider-patient relationship with your provider. By doing so, we are able to recognize any potential problems you have.

Physicals for School & Sports

Annual examinations aren't just for adults. They're also essential for children, who attend school and participate in sports. School physicals are often the only time a child visits the doctor each year. Our specialists perform a thorough exam, address any concerns, and give your child the thumbs up before school is back in session.

Sports physicals are similar to the back-to-school checkups in that our physicians complete a thorough assessment; however, we also look for and address sports-specific issues, including injuries, training, and exercise programs.

Young Soccer Players

Both exams are essential for your child's well-being and overall health. They allow you to establish a medical history and baseline that is critical as your child grows. The exams also provide you with an opportunity to ask questions and address issues, such as smoking, sexual activity, drinking, and depression.

Is an Annual Physical Examination Necessary?

People most often visit their provider when they're experiencing a medical problem. The annual physical examination helps patients prevent, identify, postpone, or alleviate conditions and illnesses. Unfortunately, many people avoid scheduling a medical examination. Visit our family providers for a complete, head-to-toe checkup to ensure you're in good health.

Laboratory Tests & Blood Work

Today, state-of-the-art lab technologies are used to help you improve your health and wellness. Blood work and other lab tests are commonly used to determine nutrient deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, and food intolerances. In fact, blood results can actually motivate individuals to take preventive action when it comes to their health. When you choose our facility for blood work and laboratory tests, you can expect top-quality care, as well as accurate and fast results.

Keep your health and well-being in check by turning to us for routine physical exams. Call 843-849-9355 if you need to schedule a physical exam for you or a loved one. We proudly serve patients in Charleston, South Carolina.